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1. Eyes On The Door

“Ramblings in my blood but lovings in my soul and when I laid eyes upon you, that loving took control.”

2. I See

“I’ve seen my teens all come and go, breezed by 21 hardly remember that though. We were both 23 when we said I do, but as far as I could see all I could see was you.”

3. Nowhere Bound

“My woman told me she didn’t need no man around, so I grabbed my hat and boots and headed towards that railroad town”.

4. On The Run

“Those lines pass by like a flash of white, days turn to dark and dark turns to light. Been on the road for 24 days, the life I left is morphing into a haze.”

5. Up On Cheaha

“I’m so damn high that the clouds look low, as I open up my eyes to the sky below. I can feel that wind brush across my face and I get chills on my skin, thinking about this place.”


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